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Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic with Enzyme Activator. Press & Glow works in tune with Medik8 vitamin A so you can boost your results without sensitising the skin. Visibly radiant skin has never been easier.

Medik8 Press & Glow

    • Gluconolactone is a high-performing PHA which breaks down the glue between dead skin cells so they are shed off with ease to reveal that covetable, glowing skin surface. As PHAs are humectant ingredients (water-loving), they help to hydrate the skin during exfoliation for ultimate comfort during and after use.

      Gluconolactone is proven to work perfectly in partnership with vitamin A[1], as it can aid the absorption of vitamin A and get the gold-standard anti-ageing ingredient to exactly where it is needed in the skin.

    • Prickly pear extract helps to boost the activity of natural exfoliation enzymes, allowing the skin exfoliation cycle to return to a more youthful pace. This again works in conjunction with vitamin A. 

    • Aloe vera and acai extract use their calming properties to reduce visible redness, whilst hydrating the skin.

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